ERC in the Press

Business Standard
6 October, 2015

A team of researchers funded by the ERC investigates how big volcanic eruptions can impact rivers. The findings could help predict water availability in regions affected by volcanic eruptions. Read also in Times of India and Yahoo.

5 October, 2015

In a radio interview, an archaeologist Prof. Manfred Bietak - who has received an Advanced Grant - talks about his ERC-funded project. He tries to solve a mystery of the Hyksos  (a mixed group of Asiatic people who took over the Egyptian throne in XVII century BC), and explores why they came to Egypt, what was their cultural influence and why they disappeared.

Medical News Today
1 October, 2015

ERC Starting Grant holder Dr Jan Korbel is part of an international team of scientists who created the world’s largest catalogue of genomic variation among humans. Understanding how genomic variants contribute to disease may help clinicians develop improved diagnostics and treatments, in addition to new methods of prevention.

25 September, 2015

ERC Consolidator grantee Prof. Maarten van Ham and his team have conducted a study, which compared thirteen major EU cites in terms of wealth inequalities. The results show that the growing spatial gap between the rich and poor can have disastrous repercussions for the social stability of the cities. The story was also picked up by El Boletin, Vanguardista and Ciencia xplora, amongst other outlets. Read also an ERC story.

Il Matino di Padova
2 September, 2015

ERC Consolidator Grantee Prof. Sara Richter and her team have discovered a new weapon in the battle against AIDS. They have shown that nucleolin, a multifunctional protein found in human cells, can keep the virus from reactivating after a period of latency.