ERC in the Press

El Mundo
20 May, 2015

Spain is in the process of setting up the State Agency for Research, a science funding body, which will be linked to the Spanish Ministry of Research, but will remain autonomous in terms of financing, evaluating and verifying research projects proposed for funding. The agency will be based on the model of the ERC, with the hope to assure efficient and flexible management.

Die Zeit

ERC advanced grantee Prof. Daniel Miller wants to draw a global map of social media, to understand how they are used around the world and to see the implications it could bring. With his team, he is comparing how people interact through social media in Brazil, Chile, China, England, India, Italy, Trinidad and Turkey.

17 May, 2015
The New York Times
11 May, 2015

How is lightning initiated? A fruitful collaboration between astronomers, particle physicists and geophysicists now provides a vital clue to understanding thunderclouds. ERC Advanced grantee Prof. Heino Falcke and his team, who initially study black holes and cosmic rays, have discovered that cosmic rays could help measure electric fields in thunderclouds. Prof. Falcke suggests that, thanks to the discovery, "we might be able to better predict lightning (…) and perhaps gain practical tips to protect ourselves better.” Read also the ERC story.

Süddeutsche Zeitung
4 May, 2015

Prof. Bernadett Weinzierl studies how aerosols, ash and dust affect weather and climate. In her ERC Starting project, which will start in October, she is planning to use a giant 'vacuum cleaner' to collect samples of the particles over the Eastern Mediterranean. The aim is to find answers to questions such as: what is the human impact on atmosphere? and what will bring the reduction of soot emission?

24 April, 2015

ERC Starting grantee Dr Marianna Obrist has designed a device capable of transferring human emotions to the palm of another person's hand through air. According to the researcher, the findings can provide a breakthrough in the future form of human communication. The device could be used, for example, between parent and baby, or to enrich audio-visual communication in a long-distance relationship. The story was covered also by media outlets such as International Business Time and Business Standard