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Q: Under call ERC-2020-SyG, what are the restrictions for the (re-)submission of an ERC Synergy Grant?

Please consult the section "Restrictions on submission of proposals" of the ERC Work Programme 2020. Please note that the restrictions apply to each of the Principal Investigators (PIs) and not only the corresponding Principal Investigator (cPI).

Q: Are the eligibility conditions for the Principal Investigator (PI) submitting a Synergy Grant (ERC-2020-SyG) applicable to all PIs?

The eligibility criteria, including the restrictions for submission, need to be fulfilled by all Principal investigators (PIs) submitting a Synergy (SyG) proposal of the ERC Work Programme 2020. Please also note that any PI may participate as PI - in only one ERC frontier research project at any one time.

Q: Can one of the Principal Investigators of a Synergy Grant (ERC-2020-SyG) be based in a country outside of the EU Member States or Associated Countries?

Yes. In case of a Synergy Grant (SyG) one of the Principal Investigators (PIs), with the exception of the corresponding PI, can apply with a Host Institution outside of the EU Member States or Associated Countries. Note that, except for a PI applying with a third country host institution, each PI has to spend at least 50% of their working time in an EU Member State or Associated Country. All PIs have to devote at least 30% of their working time to the ERC-funded project.

For more information, please see the ERC Work Programme 2020.

Q: Is it possible to apply to the ERC Synergy Grant (ERC-2020-SyG) call if the same PI also intends to apply to an ERC Starting (StG), Consolidator (CoG) or Advanced Grant (AdG) call?

Similarly to other ERC frontier calls, a Principal Investigator (PI) may submit proposals to different ERC frontier research calls published under the same Work Programme, but only the first eligible proposal will be evaluated. Ineligible or withdrawn proposals do not count against this limit (ERC Work Programme 2020). Thus if a PI applies to the ERC-2020-SyG call and the proposal is eligible and evaluated, their other application to a StG, CoG or AdG call under the ERC Work Programme 2020 will not be evaluated. It is important to note that the year of an ERC call refers to the ERC Work Programme under which the call was made and can be established by its call identifier. A 2020 ERC call is therefore one that was published under the ERC Work Programme 2020 and will have 2020 in the call identifier (for example ERC-2020-SyG). Example: A proposal submitted to ERC-2020-AdG call will not be evaluated if the PI had already applied to the ERC-2020-SyG call and the SyG proposal was considered eligible, even if the call deadlines are in two different calendar years (in 2019 for the SyG 2020 call and in 2020 for the AdG 2020 call). Note that it is possible to apply both to the ERC-2019-AdG call and to the ERC-2020-SyG call. In case the PI is selected for funding in the AdG 2019 call and the Grant Agreement is signed, the PI becomes ineligible in the 2020 SyG call, because a PI can hold only one ERC frontier grant at any one time. For further questions please contact

Q: Are all Principal Investigators (PIs) interviewed during the evaluation of the ERC Synergy Grant (ERC-2020-SyG) call?

Yes, for Synergy Grants (SyG), all Principal Investigators (PIs) whose proposal has been retained after Step 2 will be invited to an interview in Brussels (in the third evaluation step). It is highly recommended that all PIs are present at the interview to facilitate the assessment of the Synergy group. In very exceptional cases when a Principal Investigator is unable to attend the interview (e.g. pregnancy, immobility due to illness, expedition), the ERC offers video or phone conference alternatives for a remote interview.