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13 September 2019
On 11 June, an ERC delegation hit the road. Direction: Bucharest, Romania. Their final destination was the University of Bucharest, where Romanian scientists, funding bodies and representatives from several of the country’s institutions met to learn more about ERC funding and discuss what’s next for the ERC in Romania.
3 September 2019
Some examples of ERC 2019 Starting Grants winners.
25 July 2019
The Proof of Concept grant scheme has reached a milestone - the 1000th project has been approved for funding since the scheme started in 2011. The winning project, to covert underwater communication cables for use in earthquake detection, is described in detail here . Three other examples from the second batch of research projects funded in 2019 include a project to help test children for synaesthesia, another to automate bug removal from computer networks and a third to design personalised doses of medication.
2 May 2019
Projects awarded ERC Proof of Concept grants are extremely varied and this holds true for the first round of 2019 winners. Three examples from the latest batch of 54 research projects include a project to make antibiotic research programmes more commercially viable, another to improve diagnosis of Cystic fibrosis and a third to help young refugees integrate successfully into European societies.
12 October 2018
Nektarios Tavernarakis, current ERC Scientific Council member, and past winner of ERC Advanced and Proof of Concept grants, gives a Greek perspective on the influence of the ERC.
9 August 2018
In 2014, a wealthy Brazilian film director and his wife started a tour of research institutions throughout the world. Their goal was simple: to bring what they had learnt back to Brazil and create something that would encourage local scientists to think big.
9 July 2018
In today's world troubled by misinformation and "fake news", I see it as more important than ever to engage with the public when it comes to research, showing how it functions and its value, as ...
9 July 2018
Horizon Europe, an ambitious 100 billion EUR research and innovation programme for 2021 to 2027 was recently proposed by the European Commission. To see what this will mean for the ERC, we interviewed Carlos Moedas, ...
7 July 2018
Interview with Klement Tockner , President of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), on the new Austrian Presidency of the EU, attracting scientific talent and funding basic research. Austria holds the Presidency of the Council of ...