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15 May 2019
Likeminded people tend to stick together. This can be especially true of people who share a family connection. 15 May is the International Day of Families: an occasion to highlight the role of family in society. We take this opportunity to look at the work of some ERC funded researchers who share this connection as well as a common interest in research.
10 April 2019
The first-ever image of an event horizon – the gravitational boundary of a black hole beyond which light cannot escape – was revealed on 10 April and is the best evidence yet that these phenomena really do exist. It was the result of a global collaboration of hundreds of scientists, using multiple telescopes around the world to pick up the high-frequency radio waves emitted by matter pulled into the event horizon.
22 February 2019
Seas and oceans cover about 70% of the Earth's surface, playing a crucial role in the development of life and fundamental to our ecosystems. ERC funded scientists devote a lot of energy and resources to investigate the seas around the world - this article describes some recent projects concerning sea and oceanic explorations.
30 November 2018
Everyone agrees that some information must be kept private, such as your medical history. But databases that hold such data can be very useful for large scale research, for example in medical trials. How can we use such data while still respecting people's privacy? Three ERC funded researchers are exploring how multiparty computation can work to access the contents of different databases without having to compromise privacy.
20 September 2018
Interview ERC grantee Natasa Przulj, Professor of Biomedical Data Science at UCL. The European Conference on Computational Biology took place from September 9 to 12 in Athens. The meeting gathered more than a thousand participants, allowing researchers from a variety of backgrounds - geneticists, molecular biologists, biochemists, computer scientists, statisticians - to come together at one of the most interdisciplinary gatherings in the Life Sciences.
7 September 2018
A smartphone app that can provide real-time information on the edibility of packaged food? After exploring how to improve gas detectors, ERC grant holder Daniel Prades ventured into a rather different industrial sector…
3 September 2018
Our oceans' beautiful coral reefs are in danger from overheating. However an ERC funded team is working underwater and above to help them survive. Watch our photostory to get a glimpse of their stunning work.
8 July 2018
How do we know the population of Europe and who are its people? What role might digital technologies play in answering this question and how might citizens participate? Watch our interview with Evelyn Ruppert to ...
8 July 2018
Malaria, Zika virus, dengue, sleeping sickness… some people get goose bumps just hearing these names. Dr. Jérémy Bouyer certainly isn’t one of them. He received funding from the ERC to look for environmentally-friendly techniques against ...
6 July 2018
What do ant colonies, fish schools, and football teams have in common? Similar logical structures that govern their behaviour. With an ERC Starting Grant, mathematician Prof. David Sumpter developed models to understand how individual animals ...