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31-10-2019 | © picture
High-level researchers are occasionally called away from their labs and scientific publishing to talk to the general public about their work. But how can these events be organised so that everyone involved feels the benefits? One way to smooth this path is to work with science museums and other science engagement venues such as those that belong to the European network of science centres and museums (Ecsite).
07-08-2019 | © picture
By definition, frontier research takes place at the very edges of human knowledge, and its intrinsically risky, avant-garde nature may ward off the uninitiated. Yet, passageways into the lands of cutting-edge science can be found in much less intimidating places than labs or research centres: museums.
14-06-2019 | © picture
Science often feels inaccessible to the general public; like an exclusive club to which only researchers or scientific experts have access. The annual worldwide Pint of Science festival attempts to break this perceived wall between science and society. It holds engaging science talks in informal settings – such as bars or pubs - and involves attendees in science-themed games, quizzes and activities. From 20 to 22 May, 14 researchers funded by the ERC took part in this year’s Belgian edition of the Pint of Science festival.
08-03-2019 | © picture
In a post-truth, expert-dismissing era, how can we ensure government policies are derived from evidence based information? The European Science-Media Hub was set up by the European Parliament for this very reason, to help with science communication and bridge the knowledge gap between science policy makers, researchers, and journalists.
22-11-2018 | © picture
In some western countries, graphic storytelling was in the past delegated to the comic strips covering overlooked back pages of the newspaper. In recent years it has become increasingly recognised as an important visual art form with the ability to communicate complex ideas. Comics engage not only children but also the curious and young at heart, whatever age they may be.
26-10-2018 | © picture
Meet fifteen women. Fifteen ERC grantees ready to tell their story in simple words. Based in Spain, they all share a passion for science and one common challenge: taking basic science out of the lab and bringing it closer to citizens, via schools, libraries, museums, and prisons.
25-09-2018 | © picture
Go beyond your lab, take part in the debate, share the passion for scientific Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council
13-08-2018 | © picture
As part of a series on "Science Communication", Dame Athene Donald, member of the ERC's Scientific Council, gives her views on the joys of finding your voice and the political impact of doing so.
31-07-2018 | © picture
10..9… 8…7… Sylvestre Lacour and his team members watch the screen nervously. They smile, but you can feel the tension in the room …6…5…4…It's still night outside and the air is frozen at the...
19-07-2018 | © picture
ERC grantee Johan Rockstrom believes communication is key to research success. In 2009 he won the "Swede of the year" award for science communication. Here he shares some tips and tricks.