ERC in the Press

29 July, 2016

An interview with President Bourguignon on the results of the ERC ex post evaluation report and the announcement of the new ERC budget 2017.

28 July, 2016

Two proteins that play a vital role in preserving skin stem cells have been identified by Starting Grant holder Salvador Aznar Benitah and his team. These proteins allow damaged skin to renew, regenerate and heal. The story was picked up from Europa Press (Spanish press agency) by several other media, including El Economista, La Informacion, Medicina TV, Info Salus and Science Daily.

26 July, 2016

A summary of the findings of the new ERC ex post evaluation report including comments from President Bourguignon. A Nature editorial was published as well. The report received further media coverage from Science Business and ScienceGuide (NL).

24 July, 2016

Starting Grant holder Isabelle Anguelovski discovered in her project "Greenlulus - Green Locally Unwanted Land Uses" that cities which restore and create green areas and ecological corridors contribute, in the medium and long term, to the exclusion of the most vulnerable social groups. This process is known as "green gentrification". Noticias de la Ciencia, VLC Noticias, Catalunya Vanguardista and Science Daily also covered the story.

20 July, 2016

Last May, an ERC-funded team had discovered three potentially inhabitable exoplanets. The story received much media coverage, for example in La Meusé (BE), RTL (FR) Meteo Web (IT). Researchers have now discovered that two of these planets are very likely to share characteristics with Earth, Venus and Mars, which increases chances to detect life. L'Avenir (BE) also reported the news.