ERC in the Press

Noticias de la Ciencia
9 May, 2016

Ulf Riebesell received a 2015 Advanced Grant to study ocean eddies south of the Canary Islands. He also plans to develop a procedure reproducing eddy-like currents to bring nutrients to the surface and boost the production of plankton and fishing. Prof. Riebesell emphasized how crucial it is to examine the viability of this intervention, which would promote fishing and sustainable aquaculture in the large portions of seas that are naturally poor in permanent nutrients. The tool he aims to develop could as well as be used to produce renewable energy and store carbon dioxide in the deep ocean. The news was reported by EFE and picked up by several media, including Die Welt, El Día,, Canarias7, La Provincia, Kölner Stadt Anzeiger.

Österreich Journal
3 May, 2016

Consolidator Grant holder Graziano Ceddia will investigate how the preservation of tropical forests is affected when indigenous populations are given land use rights and how these rights are managed by administrative structures. "513 million hectares of forest worldwide belong to indigenous populations or are managed autonomously by them. Giving them and to local communities additional land use rights represents an opportunity to reduce deforestation," said Prof. Ceddia. "However, little is known about which administrations are ready to confer indigenous communities control over their lands and more self-determination." Openpr and OekNews also covered the story.
3 May, 2016

Advanced grantee Gillian Margaret Valentine surveyed more than 1,000 citizens of Leeds and Warsaw and has found that people who perceive their neighbourhood as ethnically diverse are less accepting towards minority groups. By contrast, people who live in areas that are actually diverse, but do not perceive them as such, have a more favourable attitude towards migrants and refugees. The study could be replicated in other European cities to better understand the distorted perceptions of local residents towards ethnic diversity and immigration, and to improve the way these are presented in the public debate. The story also appeared in eScience News.

2 May, 2016

ERC Starting Grant holder Michaël Gillon is the leader of the research team that discovered three new planets that orbit a star about 40 light years away and seem to be best candidates for habitable planets outside the Solar System so far. The story also appeared in La Libre, Sud Info, La Meusé (BE), (FR) Meteo Web (IT) and international outlets including ECN mag, Eurasia Review and Newswise.

New Kerala
12 April, 2016

In a boost to the idea of human hand becoming an ideal display screen for the next generation of smartwatches and other devices, ERC Starting grantee Sriram Subramanian has created tactile sensations on the palm using ultrasound sent through the hand. The story was also picked up by Science DailyScicasts, and Controlled Environments.