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On the 4-6th of July the Scientific Council holds its Summer meeting at KU Leuven.

The Scientific Council, the ERC's governing body, defines its scientific funding strategy and methodologies. It acts on behalf of the scientific community in Europe to promote creativity and innovative research.

In the context of this meeting, a panel debate will be organized on July 6th on how to foster frontier research and its breakthrough innovations.


14.00- 14.50
Panel 1:  The researchers’ view:   What drives them?   What inspires them?  What motivates them?  What do they consider to be critical conditions and support structures for their success?   Which barriers and impediments would they like to see lifted?

Moderator: Reinhilde Veugelers,  Prof @ KULeuven (FEB-MSI) and ERC-SC Member

A selection of frontier researchers whose research has high societal impact:

  • Frank Luyten, ERC-AdG- LS7, PoC
  • Greet Van den Berghe, two-time ERC-AdG-LS7
  • Koen Binnemans, ERC-AdG-PE8
  • Ann Heylighen, ERC-StG, SH1; PoC

Panel 2: The host institutions’ view:  How do they see their contribution to support frontier researchers and their breakthrough applications?  What do they see as the major levers they can deploy?  What are impediments they face to support researchers?  Major challenges?  

Moderator: Frank Luyten

  • Koenraad Debackere, Prof@KULeuven (FEB-MSI) and Managing Director of KU Leuven
  • Paul van Dun,General Manager of LRD-KULeuven
  • Jo Bury, Managing Director of VIB
  • Rudi Pauwels,(TBC)

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

Panel 3: The Policy Makers’ view:  How do they see their contribution to support frontier researchers and institutions and their breakthrough applications?  Which are their most critical levers?   Which challenges do they face?  What would they like to see differently to be more effective?

Moderator:   Koenraad Debackere

  • Jean Pierre Bourguignon, ERC President and Chair of the Scientific Council
  • Antonio Vicente, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Moedas (Research, Science and Innovation)
  • Hans Willems, Secretary General of FWO  (TBC)
  • Danielle Raspoet,  Director of VARIO

17:20-17:30 Concluding thoughts