Call for Proposals

ERC grant applications can only be submitted in response to a Call for Proposals.

The ERC has yearly calls for proposals covering all scientific fields.

For an ERC grant application to be complete, it needs to include the administrative forms, the research proposal and the supplementary documents. The completed proposal should be submitted by the specified closing date.


Deadlines: 25 Apr 2017 | 05 Sept 2017 (17:00 Brussels local time)
Identifier: ERC-2017-PoC
Publication date: 5 Oct 2016

* Please note that the official deadlines are only those indicated on the Participant Portal.

Application process:
Principal Investigators who wish to apply to one of the ERC calls will need to apply through the Electronic Submission Service of the Participant Portal.


Here below you can find the approximate planning of the feedback to applicants after each step for the ongoing calls.

Please note that not all results go out at the same time. If you have not heard from the ERC within the indicated timeframe, you are invited to check this website for an update.

Also note that the timeframes are preliminary and could be subject to minor changes.


Here you can find the overview of all closed ERC calls.

For further information: Please check regularly the ERC homepage and the Participant Portal.