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Q: Call ERC-2018-ADG: Can a Principal Investigator simultaneously engaged part-time by 2 different research organisations and leading a research group at both apply for an ERC AdG grant with both research groups executing the proposed project as one team?

Yes, according to the conditions of the ERC Advanced Grant 2018 call, this is possible as long as the Principal Investigator is supported by one of the two research organisations as Host Institution (applicant legal entity) for the full duration of the grant (see the ERC Work Programme 2018). Other research organisation(s), the location of additional team members, should be referred to as (an) additional partner(s) in the research proposal (Part B) and their details should be given in the administrative proposal submission form in the Participant Portal Submission Service.

Q: Can a Principal Investigator who holds a permanent position in a research organisation in the US, apply to the call ERC-2018-ADG, with a Host Institution located in Europe?

Yes, a Principal Investigator engaged in the US or in a third country, can apply for an ERC Advanced Grant (AdG) 2018, as long as (s)he will be engaged and hosted by a Host Institution based in an EU Member State or an Associated Country for the whole duration of the grant (see the ERC Work Programme 2018 for the eligibility conditions).
Principal Investigators funded through the ERC Advanced Grants have to spend a minimum of 50% of their total working time in an EU Member State or Associated Country and a minimum of 30% of their total working time on the ERC project (see the ERC Work Programme 2018 for the Advanced Grant Profile).