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27 May 2020
Some COVID-19 patients have low oxygen levels without being aware of it. This ‘silent hypoxia’ puzzles clinicians. We talked about this with Sir Peter Ratcliffe, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine last year for his “discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability.” Professor Ratcliffe is a Distinguished Scholar of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Director for the Target Discovery Institute at Oxford University, as well as Director of Clinical Research at the Francis Crick Institute in London. The European Research Council has supported the groundbreaking work of Professor Ratcliffe for five years from 2008 to 2013.
26 May 2020
How can frontier science help fight the current COVID-19 outbreak? To find out, we talked to a range of ERC grantees who are working in the fields of molecular biology, virology, immunology, epidemiology, and network science. As it turns out, much of their work can be applied to the current situation and could help understand, predict and contain the outbreak. We will add more news on ERC-funded research as they become available.
22 May 2020
Aujourd'hui, nous donnons la parole à Liuba Papeo, une neuropsychologue cognitive financée par l'ERC. À première vue, ses recherches ne sont pas liées à la crise actuelle du coronavirus. Mais, comme elle l'explique dans ce témoignage très personnel, son travail - et celui de ses nombreux collègues financés par l'ERC - pourrait en fait s'avérer essentiel pour nous aider à relever les défis de demain.
15 May 2020
This weekend we celebrate the International Day of Light. We asked Maria Yzuel, a leading researcher in the field of photonics - the science of generating, controlling and detecting light - about developments in this fascinating discipline and also about her own exceptional career path.
13 May 2020
During 2019, many ERC-funded projects led to scientific breakthroughs, important discoveries and exciting results. Here we showcase a few of these examples. Read more: Annual report on the ERC activities and achievements in 2019
8 May 2020
Stuck at home? Yes…we are too. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced more than a billion people to stay indoors and socially distance themselves, and the ERC is no exception. To help us all keep...
4 May 2020
Oggi diamo la parola a Liuba Papeo, esperta in neuropsicologia cognitiva. A prima vista la sua ricerca, finanziata dal Consiglio europeo della ricerca (ERC), non riguarda l'emergenza attuale causata dal coronavirus. Ma la sua opinione è che il suo lavoro — e quello di altri ricercatori finanziati dall’ERC — potrebbe in realtà rivelarsi di vitale importanza per aiutarci a far fronte alle sfide future.
29 April 2020
New ERC Scientific Council Member, linguist Milena Žic Fuchs, discusses her passion for cognitive linguistics and science policy. She also reflects on some of the challenges in the Croatian research landscape.
28 April 2020
Today we give the floor to Liuba Papeo, a cognitive neuropsychologist funded by the ERC. At first glance her research is unrelated to the current coronavirus crisis. But, as she explains in this very personal account, her work - and those of her many ERC funded peers - could in fact prove vital to help us face future challenges.
27 April 2020
Bug detector from Mars Dirk Schulze-Makuch is a professor at the Technical University Berlin, where he leads the Astrobiology Research Group and searches for extraterrestrial life. In the course of his research he developed instruments...