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Why do people leave their home countries? What are the changing patterns of human mobility? How does moving across borders impact people's lives? What are the effects on the culture, social fabric, politics and economy in ‘sending’, ‘transit’ and ‘receiving’ countries? These are some of questions the research community has been investigating for a long time and that have recently gained even more visibility.

Although the ERC does not impose research topics, migration, asylum and refugees often feature among the themes researchers propose to study when they apply for ERC grants. Since 2007 nearly 150 projects from a broad range of disciplines - researching the historical roots of migration, looking at refugees and migrants from a governance and legal framework, as well as from a socio-economic perspective – have received a total of over €255 million from the ERC.

A new brochure, now available on ERC website, maps the themes ERC grantees focus on and gives examples of their research projects. The publication highlights a variety of objectives and methods and – for the projects that are advanced enough—selected results.

Migration and asylum: The contribution of frontier research to the understanding of human mobility across frontiers