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Professor em., Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) - Former President of the ERC Scientific Council (Mar 2010-Dec 2013).

Helga Nowotny is Professor em. of Social Studies of Science at ETH Zurich, and former Director of its Collegium Helveticum.

She was Chair of EURAB, the European Research Advisory Board of the European Commission from 2001-2006. She is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the University of Vienna and member of the Governing Board of the Science Center in Berlin. She was also Vice-Chair of the Governing Board of the University of Goettingen and continues to hold other advisory positions. Helga Nowotny has a doctorate in law from the University of Vienna and a Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University, New York.

Before moving to ETH Zurich she was professor at the University of Vienna and Permanent Fellow at Collegium Budapest/Institute of Advanced Study.She has held teaching and research positions at King’s College, Cambridge, the University of Bielefeld, the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin and at the Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. She has been a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and is a former president of the International Society for the Study of Time.

She is a member of the Academia Europaea and founding member of Euroscience. In 2003 she received the John Desmond Bernal Prize for life-long achievement in social studies of science and in 2002 the Arthur Burckhardt-Preis. Her main scientific interests are in social studies of science, science and society and social time. Among her many publications in social studies of science and technology are “The New Production of Knowledge” (co-authored) and its sequel “Re-thinking Science. Knowledge and the Public in an Age of Uncertainty” (with P. Scott, M. Gibbons). In 2005 “Unersättliche Neugier: Innovation in einer fragilen Zukunft“ and “The Public Nature of Science under Assault: Politics, Markets, Science and the Law” (co-authored) were published and in 2006 “Cultures of Technology and the Quest for Innovation” (editor). in 2008 MIT Press will publish the English translation of "Unersättliche Neugier", "Insatiable Curiosity: Innovation in a Fragile Future".

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Video interview of Prof. Helga Nowotny at KU Leuven (December 2011)