Promoting ERC discoveries


The ERC is supporting  two multiannual communication campaigns to promote ERC-funded research projects and their results to a wider public. Both campaigns, which combine traditional and innovative tools with activities taking place in various European countries, were selected following a call for proposals launched by the ERC. The campaigns are not led by the ERC but are run under the responsibility of their coordinators.


ERC=Science²: The power of tomorrow's science  

  • Every six months special focus will be put on a different popular scientific theme
  • Activities include: short videos and animations, articles, events, live experiments
  • ERC grantees will participate in scientific experiences and games, science cafés and fab-lab workshops linked to the selected theme and will present innovations emerged from their research to industry representatives
  • Events will take place in 9 science museums and 31 universities all over Europe
  • A science stand with live experiments and demonstrations will also aim to reach people in public places such as city squares, parks, festivals
  • Roundtables with policy makers and public conferences will be organised
  • The campaign started in October 2015 and will run for 3.5 years
  • Led by ScienceIBusiness in association with seven partners across Europe:

1 EMUNI (Euro-mediterranean University) (SI)
2 Ciencia Viva (National Agency for scientific and technological culture) (PT)
3 Horizon 2020 Limited (UK)
4 ECSITE (European network of science centres and museums) (BE)
5 University College Cork (IE)
6 University of Zagreb (HR)
7 EIRMA (European industrial research management association) (BE)

Follow the campaign on their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

ERCcOMICS: The power of visual storytelling

  • ERCcOMICS brings together and exploits  synergies between traditional science dissemination channels and the world of comics.
  • It will produce 16 web comic strips (12 episodes each) illustrating ERC-funded research projects
  • The web comics will be linked to interviews to the grantees, video documentaries on the ERC projects, images, data and interactive content
  • Exhibitions will be organised at comic and science festivals
  • Other activities include public talks given by ERC grantees in several countries
  • The campaign started in November 2015 and will run for four years
  • Coordinated by the Pierre and Marie Curie University-Paris 6 in a partnership with La Bande Destinée,  a communication agency based in France 

Follow the campaign on their website, Facebook, Twitter.


Both  projects have received funding from the ERC under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.


The campaigns are not led by the ERC but are run under the responsibility of beneficiaries who are coordinating the actions.
Information provided is of a general nature and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity and is not necessarily comprehensive. The ERC accepts no responsibility of liability with regard to the information linked to external sites over which the ERC has no control.
For the latest developments and detailed information on the ERC funding opportunities and application procedures, please consult the ERC, or the H2020 websites.