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3386New radiocarbon dating techniques reveal secrets of early Saharan civilisation

Latest research reveals that the Sahara was much more densely populated in the pre-Islamic era than previously believed. Findings now show that oasis settlements played an important role and that trade was developed alongside the spread of irrigated agriculture.


3360Think globally, invest locally

Cities and regions around the world are increasingly inter-connected. One clear factor for this connectivity is foreign investment: the flow of capital, skills and knowledge that can – under the right circumstances - "bless" an area, improving its economic and social standing. ERC grantee Riccardo Crescenzi studies where these flows are concentrated, how different actors choose where to invest and what are their impacts on both the home and host economies.


3108Centre stage: the vital social role of applied theatre

Applied theatre tells a story not for the purposes of entertainment but for social, economic, political or therapeutic reasons. Prof. Matthias Warstat, funded by the ERC, wants to know more about the growth and impact of this form of theatre across the world.


3104When research enters the big league

On 30 November and 1st December, the G20 2018 Summit will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The leaders and Ministers of finances of the World's major economies, including the European Union, will address the pressing concerns and challenges related to the global economy and finances. In this high decision-making forum, Prof. Irma Mosquera Valderrama has managed to make a place for her independent expertise, raising the voices of developing countries.


3041Investigating the uncertain future of teaching profession

Teaching is certainly one of the most important professions in our society, yet its status and attractiveness have been systematically diminishing in the last decades. At the Université catholique de Louvain, Prof. Xavier Dumay is using his ERC Starting Grant to investigate the cultural and institutional transformations that have led to this "teaching profession crisis".


2955Asian highlands: remote, yet thoroughly connected to the outside world

In the highlands of Asia, an area spanning the mountain regions between the Pamirs and the eastern Himalayas, livelihoods are shaped as much by remoteness as by connectivity. With ERC funding, Dr Martin Saxer intends to shed new light on these areas at the edge of nation-states yet in the centre of geopolitical concerns.


3361History lessons for a more resilient future

A wide-ranging EU-funded analysis of rural Western European societies, spanning a period of 500 years, has identified common characteristics that make some societies more resilient against disaster than others.


3363Geschichtsunterricht für die Widerstandsfähigkeit von morgen

Eine breit gefächerte EU-finanzierte Analyse ländlicher westeuropäischer Gesellschaften über einen Zeitraum von 500 Jahren hat herausgefunden, welche Eigenschaften Gesellschaften haben, die gegen Katastrophen widerstandsfähiger sind als andere.


3364Lezioni di storia per un futuro più resiliente

Un’analisi ad ampio raggio finanziata dall’UE delle società dell’Europa occidentale, focalizzata su un periodo di 500 anni, ha individuato alcune caratteristiche comuni che rendono alcune società più resilienti alle catastrofi di altre.


3362Tirer des leçons de l’histoire pour construire un avenir plus fort

Une analyse de grande envergure des sociétés d’Europe de l’Ouest, financée par l’UE, et couvrant une période de 500 ans, a permis d’identifier des caractéristiques communes qui pourraient expliquer que certaines sociétés soient plus résilientes que d’autres face aux catastrophes.