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21-09-2011 | © picture

Alzheimer's World day, 21 September: ERC-funded research

Gene network may be the source of treating neurodegenerative diseases
19-09-2011 | Image credit: Cristoph Thomas, 2007

Forests to combat global warming

The DOFOCO project aims to better understand how forests can help lessen the effects of global warming, by bringing together advanced models and data from the life and earth sciences. Such research takes an additional dimension this year, in the context of the United Nations International Year of Forests 2011.

14-09-2011 | Image Credit: Prof. Blasco

Ageing, cancer and the length of your chromosomes

The answer to why some people age earlier than others, or why they develop cancer, could lie at the very end sections of our DNA: the telomeres.

24-06-2011 | © picture

ERC Grantee's findings lead story in Science

It presents analyses made on samples of the sun, which were collected in 2004 by the NASA mission Genesis. The results show that nitrogen molecules originating from the sun are very different from the nitrogen found on the Earth, Mars and on meteorites; they contain far less 15N "heavy" isotopes. Understanding why molecules from planets of the inner solar system are so enriched in heavy isotopes in comparison with molecules from the sun's photosphere, whose composition represents the bulk of the solar system, may be one of the challenges of future studies in cosmo-chemistry.

20-05-2011 | © picture

Special feature: Highlighting Women Grantees

Some striking projects run by women grantees

15-05-2011 | © picture

Special feature: ERC funded research in volcanoes and their wider impact

"Lightning", Charge separation, lightning and radio emission in low-mass object
01-05-2011 | © picture

Uncovering the Secrets of an Earthquake



29-04-2011 | © picture

See-through electronics

Forget USA, Japan; the field of transparent electronics has put Portugal well and truly on the map thanks to Professor Elvira Fortunato and one of the largest grants awarded to a Portuguese scientist. The European Research Council grant contributed to the installation of the recently opened NOVA Nano-Fabrication Laboratory, of which Prof Fortunato is the Director.

01-04-2011 | © Cédric Blanpain

Understanding the role of stem cells in skin cancer

Cancer treatment and cure remains one of the main challenges of modern medicine, with more than 12 million people around the world diagnosed every year. ERC funded research, which has already shown initial positive results, proposes a new approach to define the role of stem cells in the onset and development of skin cancer. This innovative method could potentially lead to a drug that may stop the growth of skin cancer. 

01-03-2011 | Image: Jan Hering, Courtesy Daniela Grunow

Who is left holding the baby?

Researchers are to carry out a comprehensive investigation into how parenting is perceived by professionals, the media, the parents themselves and look into differences across various European countries.The image of the woman in the home, cooking and holding the baby is fast becoming one of previous times. Traditional family roles are being reversed with fathers staying home and mothers going out to work. But is this gender division of labour so clear-cut?