This section presents statistics and data on granted projects and evaluated proposals, broken down by funding scheme, call year, countries and research domain.

You can use the filter to refine the data.

How can you filter?

First, select either the option ‘Granted projects’ or ‘Evaluated proposals’.
Next, the projects can be filtered according to funding scheme, call year and research domain. For the detail of the research domains, please check the annex 1 of the latest
Work programme.

How can you display and export data?

There are 3 different displays possible: ‘Grantees by country per call year’, ‘Grantees by country per domain’ or ‘Grantees by research domain’.
It is also possible to export the data in excel format.


Where does the data come from?

Information displayed is updated on a regular basis, and each time when new call results are released. 

Please note that the structure and descriptions of ERC panels have changed over the years. 
The panel structures for each year can be found in ERC annual Work programme. Panels displayed in this tool are the panels the projects were selected in.


Interested to find more data?


With the ERC Research Information System (ERIS) you can access more information about ERC funding activities, their results and achievements.

The system allows to perform searches among the funded projects of the ERC and to see detailed and user-customisable statistics.
Searches can be performed at the project, investigators, publications, patents and organisation levels. They can be performed also at the level of the text of the projects and allow a high level of customisation. ERIS also includes dashboards and provide for portfolio analysis of the ERC funded projects.

The login page will offer the user the possibility to open an account.