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10-01-2020 | © picture
Projects awarded ERC Proof of Concept grants are extremely varied and this holds true for the third and final round of 2019 winners. Three examples from the latest batch of 76 research projects include a project to develop a safer, tolerable and cheaper treatment alternative for patients with autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, a method to measure if autistic children are getting the intended benefits from the educational programs that are designed to help them and a way to increase the accuracy and lower the cost of optical sensors commonly used in manufacturing, healthcare and the evaluation of water and air quality.
10-12-2019 | © picture
Researchers of 37 nationalities received 2019 Consolidator Grant funding for projects based in 24 different countries across Europe. The research conducted by the 301 new ERC grant recipients covers a wide range of topics in physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, as well as social sciences and humanities. We have selected six successful researchers – based in Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherland and Poland - to give a taste of what they hope to achieve.
07-11-2019 | © picture
Researchers who have won ERC grants and support teams at institutions who help prepare proposals share their advice.
25-07-2019 | © picture
The Proof of Concept grant scheme has reached a milestone - the 1000th project has been approved for funding since the scheme started in 2011. The winning project, to covert underwater communication cables for use in earthquake detection, is described in detail here. Three other examples from the second batch of research projects funded in 2019 include a project to help test children for synaesthesia, another to automate bug removal from computer networks and a third to design personalised doses of medication.