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Call Opening date: 15/10/2019


Call deadlines

Eligibility Committee

Remote Evaluation:
deadline for Experts reviews *

Expected Feedback to Applicants

21 January 2020

End February 2020

February - March 2020

20 April 2020


07 May 2020
[second cut-off (initially 23 April)
is extended to 7 may 2020
due to COVID-19]

May 2020

May - June 2020

End July 2020


17 September 2020

Mid October 2020

October - November 2020

December 2020

* PoC Experts Meeting: Information Session: “Initial Panel Meeting” in Brussels, in January 2020

This preliminary timeframe indicates the dates when we expect to have sent evaluation results to applicants for each of the 3 call deadlines and it may be subject to changes.
If you have not heard from us within this timeframe, please check this website for an update.
NB: These reference dates may slightly differ from those indicated in the ERC 2020 Work Programme. These dates give a more accurate indication of when the latest PoC
applicants will be informed of the outcome of the evaluation.