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13-09-2019 | © picture
On 11 June, an ERC delegation hit the road. Direction: Bucharest, Romania. Their final destination was the University of Bucharest, where Romanian scientists, funding bodies and representatives from several of the country’s institutions met to learn more about ERC funding and discuss what’s next for the ERC in Romania.
03-09-2019 | © picture
Some examples of ERC 2019 Starting Grants winners.
25-07-2019 | © picture
The Proof of Concept grant scheme has reached a milestone - the 1000th project has been approved for funding since the scheme started in 2011. The winning project, to covert underwater communication cables for use in earthquake detection, is described in detail here. Three other examples from the second batch of research projects funded in 2019 include a project to help test children for synaesthesia, another to automate bug removal from computer networks and a third to design personalised doses of medication.
17-05-2019 | © picture
Votre rendez-vous avec des chercheurs financés par le Conseil Européen de la Recherche (ERC). Invités dans l’édito scientifique du programme « Aimez-vous l’Europe » sur EUradio, ils partagent avec vous les découvertes faites dans le cadre de leurs projets.
02-05-2019 | © picture
Projects awarded ERC Proof of Concept grants are extremely varied and this holds true for the first round of 2019 winners. Three examples from the latest batch of 54 research projects include a project to make antibiotic research programmes more commercially viable, another to improve diagnosis of Cystic fibrosis and a third to help young refugees integrate successfully into European societies. 
15-03-2019 | © picture
Listen and learn with Nature Careers and the ERC. Six new podcasts provide first-hand accounts of exactly how the ERC works and how its grants and other schemes could provide an opportunity for you to further your career.
26-02-2019 | © picture
How can universities attract more ERC grants? Zdeněk Strakoš at Charles University, Prague lets us in on their methods. Starting in 2008, he worked as an ERC Advanced Grant evaluator. Educated both in maths and computer science, he is currently a Professor of Mathematics.
25-01-2019 | © picture
All decisions we make as humans are subject to implicit bias - simply a distortion in our thinking process, a cognitive shortcut we take to come to a decision. It comes in many forms, but all have the consequence of error prone decisions. It can be difficult to avoid implicit bias as it often operates outside our immediate awareness, hence it is also known as unconscious bias.
18-01-2019 | © picture
Have you ever wondered what a grant proposal evaluator is looking for in a successful application? An evaluator for the ERC's Proof of Concept (PoC) grants gives her views. Maria Moura Oliveira is Director of technology commercialisation at the University of Porto and has been a member of the PoC peer review panel for the past five years.
13-09-2018 | © picture
Researchers sometimes have certain incorrect ideas about the ERC grant application process – "myths" that discourage them from applying for funding. In this article, Giulio Superti-Furga responds to some common misperceptions he has encountered over the years.  Professor Superti-Furga, a molecular and systems biologist, has experience from both sides of the fence: he won several ERC grants from 2009 to 2015 and became a member of the ERC's Scientific Council in 2017.