Timeframe Advanced Grant 2023

Timeframe for sending information to applicants (ADG2023)
Physical Sciences & Engineering

Life Sciences
Social Sciences & Humanities
1. Invitations for interviews

November 2023

2. Results of Step 1 for non-retained applicants
January 2024
3. Step 2 Interviews 
beginning February 2024
end January 2024 end January 2024/beginning February 2024
4. Results of Step 2
April 2024


*This timeframe indicates the dates when we expect to have sent evaluation results to applicants after each evaluation step and it could be subject to changes.
Approximate weeks of  applicants' interviews are also provided.
Please note that not all results go out at the same time. If you have not heard from us within this timeframe, please check this website for an update.
Please note also that this timeframe is preliminary and may be subject to changes.