Researchers in several parts of Europe have historically performed poorly in ERC grant competitions. Why is this, and how can we improve the situation? In this issue of the Magazine, we are sharing our own views on the subject as well as independent opinions of researchers from the countries that strive to fare better in ERC competitions.

Widening European Participation

Matej Praprotnik and Jasenka Gudelj

Researchers’ experiences with the ERC Visiting Fellowships

Physicist Matej Praprotnik from Slovenia and architectural historian Jasenka Gudelj from Croatia share their experiences during their ERC Visiting Fellowships. Why did you select...
Jacek Kuźnicki

Equal rights, unequal chances

Jacek Kuźnicki, biochemist and former President of the scientific council of the Polish National Science Centre, gives his views on what could be done to improve the success rates...
Alice Valkárová

Why do some countries face problems obtaining ERC grants?

A Q&A session with Professor Alice Valkárová, Chair of the ERC Working Group on Widening European Participation What does widening mean? The performance in ERC calls for proposals...
EU map

How does the ERC help unlock the potential of countries that lag behind?

The European Research Council (ERC) is taking several measures to increase participation in its grant competitions, particularly in countries that historically perform poorly in...
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