In this issue of the Magazine, we take a closer look at research assessment. ERC President Maria Leptin explains what changes have lately been introduced to the assessment of ERC grant proposals and why. Our guest expert James Wilsdon, director of UK Research on Research Institute, writes about the current global trends in this field. And with ERC grantee Anja Leist, we zero in on the narrative curriculum vitae for grant applicants.

Research Assessment

Research assessment

Changes in the evaluation of proposals for ERC grants

It is part of the ERC’s core business to carefully select the best and most creative researchers from all fields in its grant competitions. In December 2022, the Scientific Council...
Magnifying Glass

Opinion: The journey to responsible and experimental research funding

There is a global drive for more responsible and inclusive cultures of research assessment. This often goes hand in hand with a shift towards more systematic experimentation with...

Narrative CVs – a good idea?

In the upcoming ERC grant competitions, the applicants will be asked to write a narrative curriculum vitae. ERC grantee Anja Leist took part in calls where this type of CV was...
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