Thematic working groups

The Scientific Council may set up new Working Groups and discontinue existing ones in response to changing requirements.

Working Groups meet normally several times per year in conjunction with Scientific Council plenary meetings or ERC Board meetings and can also work electronically. They report periodically on their work and conclusions to the plenary of the Scientific Council. Decisions taken by working groups must be confirmed by the Scientific Council to be formally adopted.

The Working Groups are supported by the Scientific Council's Secretariat and other members of the ERCEA staff as appropriate.


Six thematic working groups
Cover of Gender and Diversity Issues
Gender and Diversity Issues

ERC Gender Equality Plan, activities of the working group, measures and practices to improve gender balance, tackling gender bias in research institutes, statistics, members

Cover of Innovation and Relations with Industry
Innovation and Relations with Industry

Activities of the working group, members

Cover of Widening European Participation
Widening European Participation

Activities of the working group, members

Cover of Science Behind the Projects
Science Behind the Projects

Activities of the working group, mapping ERC frontier research, members

Cover of Open Science
Open Science

Activities of the working group, ERC group of experts for a study of repositories, members

Cover of Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators

ERC expert group on Programme Monitoring and Evaluation