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The European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA) seeks to attract excellent, highly motivated staff with the right qualifications and expertise. We value difference and promote equality in our robust and fair selection processes.

Are you interested in working at the ERCEA? Are you looking for a new challenge? Then browse through our open vacancies and contractual possibilities.


Open Vacancies


The ERCEA is organising the following Job Opening for:

  • Policy Adviser in Programme Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation (CA FG IV).

Deadline: 23 October 2023 by 12:00 (midday) Brussels time (CEST).
Interested? Send your completed Application Form to

Research Programme Expert (Seconded National Expert) in two fields:

Applicants must send their completed applications (CV, Application Form, current contract and declaration on status of employment) to the Permanent Representations, the EFTA Secretariat or the Permanent Delegation of Turkey.
The Permanent Representations, the EFTA Secretariat and the Permanent Delegation of Turkey, must forward the applications to: by 13 October 2023, 12:00 (midday) Brussels time (CEST).


Interim staff members

ERCEA Unit B4 | Physical Sciences and Engineering is looking for three interim staff members. The positions are to be filled as soon as possible and with contracts for six months.

The interim staff members are expected to have a strong research background (PhD or equivalent research experience) in a relevant area of physics or engineering or both, and a good understanding of the research funding system in Europe. More information can be found in the vacancy description.

If you are interested and if your profile matches with the position, please send your application yo mentioning in the subject: interim staff members in Unit B4. Only suitable candidates will be contacted.

In order to be recruited as an interim agent, you have to be registered by Randstad Interim agency. This can be done online at


Contractual possibilities

Temporary Agents

There are 2 types of Temporary Agents:

  1. Temporary Agents, seconded from the European Commission (TA-S)
    Officials of the European Commission may be seconded to the ERCEA in high responsibility positions in management or related areas.
  2. Temporary Agents, externally hired (TA-E; AD 5-12)
    These Temporary Agents 2(f) are selected and engaged in responsible positions in key scientific, operational and administrative posts.

Recruitment of Temporary Agents is done only via Calls for Expressions of Interest, which are advertised on this website.

General information and the conditions of employment may be found here.

Contract Agents

There are 4 types of Contract Agents:

  1. Contract Agents in Function Group IV (CA FG IV)
    They perform administrative, audit, advisory and equivalent technical tasks of supervisory nature under the supervision of Temporary Agents.
  2. Contract Agents in Function Group III (CA FG III)
    They perform executive, drafting, budgeting, accountancy, control and other equivalent technical tasks under the supervision of Temporary Agents.
  3. Contract Agents in Function Group II (CA FG II)
    They perform clerical, secretarial, recurrent accountancy, office management and other equivalent tasks under the supervision of Temporary Agents.
  4. Contract Agents in Function Group I (CA FG I)
    They perform manual and administrative support service tasks under the supervision of Temporary Agents.

Candidates are selected on the basis of interviews with a Selection Committee. To be recruited as a Contract Agent, interested individuals need to participate in open competitions organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). If you would like more information on these competitions, and to register online, please visit the EPSO website.

European Commission or Executive Agency staff who have been employed as Contract Agents 3(a) or 3(b) for at least three years and are interested in working for the ERCEA may find vacancies published on the CA Job Market platform (My Intracomm).

Contract Agents in the ERCEA are offered a 3(a) type of contract. General information and conditions of employment for Contract Agents for this particular category can be found here.

Seconded National Experts


Seconded National Experts (SNEs) are national civil servants seconded temporarily to the ERCEA under the rules applicable to such experts. They assist, through their expertise, in the execution of high-level tasks.

If you are interested in working as an SNE, our vacancies are published on this website.

Blue Book Trainees

The ERC executive agency (ERCEA) provides a five-month in-service training for university graduates as part of the European Commission's Blue Book Traineeship scheme. It is an opportunity to contribute to the day-to-day work of the ERC, and to put your academic knowledge into practice.

What does a trainee's daily work consist of?

  • Researching, drafting end editing documents
  • Attending and organising meetings
  • Supporting the management of various projects

Trainees work alongside permanent staff, fulfilling various scientific, administrative or communication tasks. They are also encouraged to take advantage of other training opportunities, career fairs and conferences.

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Candidates interested in working as Blue Book trainees at the ERCEA shall indicate in their application form the ERCEA as a preferred traineeship host. The pre-selection of candidates for a traineeship is carried out exclusively by the European Traineeship Office.

The ERCEA can only recruit candidates included in the Traineeship Office's database.

Apply for traineeship


Interim positions occasionally become available to meet specific temporary needs related to the functioning of the Agency.

The ERCEA employs staff on a temporary basis on short-term contracts exclusively through employment agencies.

A brochure for prospective interim agents is available here.

Conditions of Employment

The ERCEA is an Executive Agency of the European Commission. Therefore, staff conditions are covered by the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities. The ERC has adopted implementing rules for these regulations.

Protection of Personal Data

The ERCEA ensures that applicants' personal data are processed as required by Regulation (EU) N° 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies.

Candidates are invited to carefully read the Data Protection Notices, as they provide useful information about the processing of their personal data and relevant rights.