ERC Executive Agency

The ERC Executive Agency (ERCEA), implements the ERC strategy as set by the Scientific Council, and is in charge of the day to day grant administration.


The activities of the Executive Agency include:

  • Executing the annual work programme, as defined by the ERC Scientific Council and adopted by the Commission
  • Implementing calls for proposals, in accordance with the work programme 
  • Providing information and support to applicants
  • Organising peer review evaluation
  • Establishing and managing grant agreements, in accordance with the EU's financial regulations
  • Providing assistance to the ERC Scientific Council 
  • Communicating about the ERC



As for all Executive Agencies, it is managed by a Director and a Steering Committee, both appointed by the Commission.

The ERCEA is led by the Director, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the agency and its staff and also for the implementation of the ERC's strategy and positions, as defined by the ERC Scientific Council.

Laurence Moreau is the Director of the ERCEA, having taken over from the previous Director, Waldemar Kütt, retired in December 2021.

The ERCEA Steering Committee is the body that supervises the operations of the ERCEA.

It adopts the Agency's annual work programmes, administrative budget and annual reports.

The current membership of the ERC Executive Agency Steering Committee is as follows:

  • Marc Lemaître, Director-General DG RTD, Directorate General for Research and Innovation (Chair)
  • Joanna Drake, Deputy-Director-General DG RTD, Implementation, Impact and Sustainable Investment Strategies (Vice-Chair)
  • Matthias Will, Director, Common Implementation Centre, DG RTD
  • Gerd Gigerenzer, Member of the ERC Scientific Council
  • Milena Žic Fuchs, Member of the ERC Scientific Council
  • Maria Leptin, President of the European Research Council (Observer)
  • Marco Umberto Moricca, Director, Careers and Staff Development, DG HR (Observer)

It is the European Commission that appoints the members of the Steering Committee for a (renewable) period of two years.