Records Register

This page contains the register of records of ERCEA activities processing personal data.

With hyperlinks to the relevant document, in application of Article 31 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data.


  1. Procedure for the granting of advance of salary
  2. Reclassification exercise
  3. Probationary report / probationary period
  4. Staff appraisal
  5. Lily IT tool
  6. Assessment of the ability to work in a Third language
  7. Public Procurement
  8. Audit and ex-post controls
  9. Staff Committee elections 
  10. Transfer of data to the Scientific Council
  11. Workforce Statistics 
  12. PAN (Panel Nominations)
  13. ERIS 
  14. Access to documents 
  15. Legal advice on ERCEA matters, including Ombudsman complaints and court cases
  16. Records of meeting participants in the context of COVID-19
  17. Management of training requests and training activities of ERCEA staff
  18. Internal Communication Activities (Tools)
  19. ERCEA surveys
  20. Visiting Fellowship Programmes
  21. Registration of the presence in the context of COVID -19
  22. Operating Budget
  23. List of Staff Expertise
  24. Website and newsletter submission
  25. Staff Selection and Recruitment
  26. Management of personal files
  27. Interim Staff Procedure
  28. Selection and Secondement of National Experts (SNEs)
  29. Continuous improvement SharePoint page
  30. Cycling contribution scheme
  31. EU WhoisWho
  32. Blue Book Trainees
  33. Health Data
  34. Covent Garden Video - Surveillance
  35. Termination of service
  36. HR Reports in Business Objects
  37. Flexitime, leave and absence management
  38. Management of Ethics request
  39. File and backup management
  40. Business Continuity
  41. Scientific Misconduct
  42. Organisation of event
  43. Photos and audio-visual material in relation to the implementation of the ERC programme
  44. Travel expenses and allowances of Candidates
  45. Teleworking from abroad
  46. SAP
  47. Management of media contacts and stakeholders lists
  48. Mentoring Initiative
  49. Implementing Arrangements
  50. ERC for Refugees
  51. Email services at ERCEA
  52. Telephone and Fax infrastructure, network and system
  53. Identity Management Services
  54. Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) – used by ERCEA
  55. Anti-Harassement Policy
  56. Administrative and Disciplinary Proceedings
  57. Management of remote referees
  58. Transmissions of personal data of ERCEA Staff to Third Parties
  59. Selection of Confidential Counsellors