Evaluation Panels

The selection of scientific and scholarly proposals for ERC funding is based on international peer review with excellence as the sole criterion. The ERC uses a typical panel-based system, in which panels of high-level scientists and/or scholars make recommendations for funding.

Domain and panel structure

The ERC panel structure consists of 25 panels.

The panels of each grant are grouped into three disciplinary domains that cover the entire spectrum of science, engineering and scholarship:

  1. Social sciences and Humanities (SH)
  2. Life sciences (LS)
  3. Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE)

Research proposals of a multi and inter disciplinary nature are strongly encouraged throughout the ERC's schemes. Proposals of this type are evaluated by the ERC's regular panels with the appropriate external expertise.

Composition of the panels

Each ERC panel consists of a chairman and 10-16 members. The Panel Chair and the Panel Members are selected by the ERC Scientific Council on the basis of their scientific reputation.

In addition to the Panel Members (who act as “generalists”), the ERC evaluations rely on input from remote experts external to the panel, called referees. They are scientists and scholars who bring in the necessary specialised expertise.

Before the deadline of a call, the names of the panel chairs are published on the ERC website. Similarly, the names of panel members are published, however, after the evaluation process is concluded.

Panel Chairs and Panel Members ERC Starting Grant 2016+2017 calls


Panel Chairs


Panel Chairs
Panel Members

Panel Chairs and Panel Members ERC Consolidator Grant 2016+2017 calls


Panel Chairs


Panel Chairs
Panel Members

Panel Chairs ERC Advanced Grant 2016 call


Panel Chairs

Panel Members ERC Proof of Concept 2016 call


Panel Members

Panel lists of calls from previous years are in the Document Library, under Info for Applicants/Evaluation panels


The ERC commemorates previous ERC panel members who passed away

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe HEINEMANN 08/09/2016
Glyn HUMPHREYS 14/01/2016
Peter HALL 09/01/2016
Paolo BIANCO 07/11/2015
Prof. Willem WILLEMS 13/12/2014
Prof. Demetris TRICHOPOULOS 01/12/2014
Prof. H. Patrick GLENN 01/10/2014
Françoise GASSE 22/04/2014
Raimond GRIMBERG 10/2013
Prof Kathrin MÜHLEMANN 05/11/2012
Prof Dame Louise JOHNSON 25/09/2012
Prof Steve RAWLINGS 13/01/2012
Prof Rodolfo Del SOLE 11/09/2011
Dr Lee SCHIPPER 16/08/2011
Prof Anna Maria SIEWIERSKA 06/08/2011
Prof. Zsolt KAJCSOS 27/07/2011
Dr Lucas HERNANDEZ 25/07/2011
Prof Gerald KEATING 27/11/2010
Prof Fred NILSSON 28/07/2009
Prof Emmanuelle CARON 08/07/2009
Prof Rajeev MOTWANI 05/06/2009
Prof Iulius BORCEA 08/04/2009
Prof Vito DI GESU 2009
Prof Haim RING 15/09/2008
Prof Juergen WARNATZ 22/12/2007
Prof Peter V. HOBBS 2005
Prof Stephen G. WAXMAN