Janina Seubert
Senior Researcher, Karolinska Institute Stockholm

Janina Seubert is the Principal Investigator of the Nutritional Neuroscience Laboratory at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and an expert in affective neuroscience and human chemosensation. She has an MSc degree in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology from LMU Munich and a PhD (2010) in Clinical Neuroscience from RWTH Aachen University. During her postdoctoral training (2010-2014) at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Janina developed a passion for studying the perceptual experiences of food consumption and their interactions with emotion, motivation and memory. With the help of psychophysical, biophysiological and functional neuroimaging approaches, her research group studies contextual and metabolic influences on flavor perception in healthy and dysregulated eating. Her work aims to inspire novel interventions to facilitate dietary changes over the life course, and has received funding the Swedish Research Council and German Research Foundation. Janina is a current holder of an ERC Starting Grant.