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25 October, 2018 to 26 October, 2018

The conference will take stock of relevant research supported by ERC, provide a forum of networking between the scientists leading ERC-funded projects, and position the ERC as a contributor to Artificial Intelligence (AI) through its 'bottom up' approach to research funding.

01 October, 2018 to 05 October, 2018

The IAC is the one time of the year when all space actors come together. Global, multidisciplinary and covering all space sectors and topics, it offers everyone the latest space information, developments but above all contacts and potential partnerships.

08 September, 2018 to 12 September, 2018

On 8-12 September 2018 the Hellenic Society for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics will organise the seventeenth edition of the European Conference on Computational Biology in association with the ELIXIR.

08 September, 2018 to 12 September, 2018

25 August, 2018 to 29 August, 2018

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress is the world's largest cardiovascular congress. With its 500 scientific sessions spread over five days, it will bring together some 31,000 healthcare professionals from 150 countries.

20 August, 2018 to 24 August, 2018

Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (EKC) is to bring together Korean scientists and engineers working in Europe and in Korea and European scientists and engineers interested in collaborating with Korean nationals.

01 August, 2018 to 09 August, 2018

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the largest international congress in the mathematics community. It is held once every four years under the auspices of the International Mathematical Union (IMU).

The Fields Medals, the Nevanlinna Prize, the Gauss Prize, and the Chern Medal are awarded during the opening ceremony on the first day of the congress. Each congress is memorialized by printed Proceedings recording academic papers based on invited talks intended to reflect the current state of the science.

28 July, 2018 to 02 August, 2018

09 July, 2018 to 14 July, 2018

06 July, 2018

On the 4-6th of July the Scientific Council holds its Summer meeting at KU Leuven.