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Press release | 31-05-2019

Following the release on 31 May 2019 of revised guidance concerning the implementation of Plan S, the ERC’s Scientific Council issued the following statement:

"The ERC Scientific Council, having for a long time acknowledged the need for ensuring timely open access to the results of research funded by public money, reaffirms its support to the principles of PlanS. We are happy to see that the revised principles and the detailed implementation guidance have taken on board a number of requests that have emerged from the consultation of the scienitific community. They clarify elements that were unclear in the original version and triggered questions and concerns. We acknowledge the excellent job that the Plan S Implementation Taskforce has done in such a short time, and the open mind that the Executive Group of cOAlition S showed to take advantage of the synthesis made. We look forward to working with the members and supporters of cOAlition S in the same spirit towards a successful and broadly accepted implementation."