Synergy Grants applications: Facts and figures
25 November 2021
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The ERC Synergy Grants 2022 call closed for applications on 10 November 2021.

These are the preliminary data on submitted proposals.

This year the ERC received 358 applications. In total, 1,192 principal investigators from 1,041 host institutions applied. An average proposed project involves three principal investigators and has a budget of about €9 million.

The highest number of principal investigators comes from German (154) and British (147) institutions.

Women make 27% of principal investigators in the proposed projects, compared to 23% in the previous call in 2020. Furthermore, 62% of proposals include women, in contrast to 55% in 2020.

In the ERC Work Programme, the ERC Scientific Council has earmarked 297 million for an estimated 33 Synergy Grants. The ERC is now starting the evaluation of the proposals. The projects selected for funding are planned to be announced at the end of 2022.

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