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09-11-2020 | © Monster Ztudio - 2020
03-09-2020 | © picture
Projects and researchers awarded ERC Starting Grants in 2020 were, as usual, extremely varied. This year we selected seven examples to give you a taste of the new research avenues that will be explored
04-11-2019 |
Quantum computers are the Holy Grail of information theorists. For years, scientists have been trying to crack their mysteries, to harvest their interesting applications. They are predicted to have tremendous computational power, exponentially larger than the computers available today. However, so far, they have been difficult to actually build. Prof. Ashley Montanaro will investigate the path from the theoretical foundations of quantum computing their applications to real-life problems.
04-09-2019 | @ Portrait: Miguel A. Otaduy
Light and billowy, coarse and heavy, clingy or stiff as a board – the choice of textile has implications for the fit and drape of a garment, and the way it moves with its wearer. The EU-funded project FABRICMETRICS has paved the way for the commercialisation of innovative technology simulating the appearance and motion of clothes.