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19-12-2019 | @Thomas Angus
Hailed as one of the most significant achievements in the field of science, the Mendeleev Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019. Not only has it revolutionised the way...
05-04-2019 | © picture
We interviewed newly elected ERC Scientific Council Member Professor Manuel Arellano, a much-cited economist specialised in econometrics, and based at CEMFI in Madrid.
01-08-2018 | © picture
Alessio Figalli, recent winner of a Fields Medal for mathematics, discusses his career, research topics and the support of the ERC.
21-01-2016 | © P Sankowski
Is a precise answer always better than a slightly less detailed one? Not necessarily. Some problems could take forever to compute and tie up vast IT capacity. Where solutions are needed urgently, e.g. in business or manufacturing, near-enough can be more than enough. ERC-funded research has produced a library of fast, powerful approximation algorithms.