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03-09-2020 | © picture
Projects and researchers awarded ERC Starting Grants in 2020 were, as usual, extremely varied. This year we selected seven examples to give you a taste of the new research avenues that will be explored
17-08-2020 | © gettyimages
Does the word ‘virus’ scare you? Clearly COVID19 has reminded us how vulnerable we are to viruses, but there is nothing new about viral pandemics. Deepening our understanding of viruses is essential to tackle current and future viral threats.
28-07-2020 | © picture
Projects awarded ERC Proof of Concept grants are as varied as the fundamental research that inspired them. Three examples from the latest batch of 55 funded projects include one project to make gecko-inspired gripping technology to help assemble products with tiny parts. Another will tap into the international digital music market by producing song word metadata for playlist generators, while a third project is creating a way to ensure live vaccines for mosquito-transmitted viruses avoid generating any vaccine resistant virus strains.  
01-07-2020 | © picture
How can frontier science help fight the current COVID-19 outbreak? To find out, we talked to a range of ERC grantees who are working in the fields of molecular biology, virology, immunology, epidemiology, and network science. As it turns out, much of their work can be applied to the current situation and could help understand, predict and contain the outbreak. We will add more news on ERC-funded research as they become available.
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