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Ilona Riipinen is a Professor of atmospheric science at Stockholm University. Her work focuses on understanding the atmospheric processes governing air quality and global climate. Her ERC Starting Grant project 'ATMOGAIN' (2011-2016) focused on understanding mass transfer processes at atmospheric gas-liquid interfaces, particularly focusing on the sources, processing and sinks of ultrafine (<100 nm in diameter) aerosol particles. To pin down the effects of aerosols on climate and air quality, the processes governing their concentrations need to be understood and represented accurately in large-scale models. The methodologies used in ATMOGAIN ranged from molecular level simulations to global Earth system modeling. The outcomes of ATMOGAIN addressed some of the major unknowns in understanding the behavior and impacts of atmospheric aerosol particles, and eventually the natural vs. human influence on atmospheric composition. Prof. Riipinen has authored over hundred scientific articles, several book chapters, and received several international awards for her research contributions. Besides her academic activities, Prof. Riipinen has engaged in various public outreach activities such as talking in events like TEDx, as well as collaborated on creating an art performance for engaging the public in questions related to air composition, health and climate.