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There are currently seven Working Groups dedicated to the following topics, which are of particular interest to the ERC

The ERC Scientific Council is entrusted by the Council Decision concerning the "Ideas" specific programme – among others - with the task to “monitor quality of operations and evaluate programme implementation and achievements and make recommendations for corrective or future actions”.

The main role of the Scientific Council’s Working Group on Key Performance Indicators is to develop a roadmap for monitoring and evaluating ERC’s accomplishment of its mission, beyond indicators and targets, to support the short, medium and long term policies of the Scientific Council.

The Working Group will build on the ERC Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy endorsed by the Scientific Council in June 2009. The M&E Strategy has a four-dimensional structure corresponding to the ERC objectives as defined by legislation: direct impact, structural impact, socio-economic impact, and operational performance. Each dimension has three basic components as depicted below:



ERC Executive Agency secretariat: Elena Toma, Unit Support to the Scientific Council


In March 2014 ERC appointed an Expert Group for Programme Monitoring and Evaluation with the following tasks:

A. to advise the ERC in the further development of its Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy in view of Horizon 2020;
B. to assist the ERC in the design of studies and analysis which could be commissioned externally or undertaken internally by ERC;
C. to conduct small scale analysis and studies on selected topics based mainly on the ERC's Monitoring and Evaluation strategy, but also taking into account good practice and experience from monitoring and evaluation activities of national research systems, in particular regarding the ERC's complementarity and added value.

The Expert Group was until 31 October 2015 and worked under the guidance of the Working Group on Key Performance Indicators.

The Expert Group consisted of 10 persons with broad experience in science evaluation: Paula Stephan Amis, Ghislaine Filliatreau, Christine Kosmopoulos, Terttu Luukkonen, Patrice Laget, Félix de Moya-Anegón, Gunnar Öquist, Michael Stampfer, Otto Toivanen, Anthony Van Raan.