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26-07-2019 | © picture
Pablo Amor, the first and longtime Director of the ERC is due to retire at the end of July. Before he left he gave us an insight into his career and what it is like managing such a singular Executive Agency.
10-04-2019 | © picture
The first-ever image of an event horizon – the gravitational boundary of a black hole beyond which light cannot escape – was revealed on 10 April and is the best evidence yet that these phenomena really do exist. It was the result of a global collaboration of hundreds of scientists, using multiple telescopes around the world to pick up the high-frequency radio waves emitted by matter pulled into the event horizon.
05-04-2019 | © picture
We interviewed newly elected ERC Scientific Council Member Professor Manuel Arellano, a much-cited economist specialised in econometrics, and based at CEMFI in Madrid.
26-02-2019 | © picture
How can universities attract more ERC grants? Zdeněk Strakoš at Charles University, Prague lets us in on their methods. Starting in 2008, he worked as an ERC Advanced Grant evaluator. Educated both in maths and computer science, he is currently a Professor of Mathematics.
15-02-2019 | © picture
What road would bring an American researcher to Europe and keep her there? Juleen R. Zierath, Professor of Physiology at the Karolinska Institutet tells us her story, and that of her research to prevent diabetes.
08-02-2019 | © picture
In order to achieve equal access and participation in science, the United Nations declared 11/2 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We took this opportunity to speak with Isabelle Vernos, a member of the ERC’s Scientific Council since 2011 and Chair of the ERC’s Gender Balance Working Group, about what the ERC has done to support female researchers.
01-02-2019 | © picture
Romania has recently started its 6 month presidency of the Council of the EU. We take this opportunity to interview Mihnea Costoiu, Rector of the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UBP).
25-01-2019 | © picture
All decisions we make as humans are subject to implicit bias - simply a distortion in our thinking process, a cognitive shortcut we take to come to a decision. It comes in many forms, but all have the consequence of error prone decisions. It can be difficult to avoid implicit bias as it often operates outside our immediate awareness, hence it is also known as unconscious bias.
24-01-2019 | © picture
România a preluat de curând președinția rotativă a Consiliului Uniunii Europene. În acest context am profitat de această ocazie și am avut un interviu cu rectorul Universității Politehnica din București, domnul Mihnea Costoiu.
18-01-2019 | © picture
Have you ever wondered what a grant proposal evaluator is looking for in a successful application? An evaluator for the ERC's Proof of Concept (PoC) grants gives her views. Maria Moura Oliveira is Director of technology commercialisation at the University of Porto and has been a member of the PoC peer review panel for the past five years.