Standing Committee on Panels

By delegation of the Scientific Council the Standing Committee on Panels is responsible for:

  • formulation of policies and procedures concerning the selection of ERC evaluation panel members and reviewers.
  • steering the setting up of an expanded data base of experts and its continued monitoring.
  • preparing and approving specific proposals for panel composition.
  • continued development of norms and rules for the proper functioning of the panels and, more generally, of the ERC peer evaluation system on the basis of feed-back from Scientific Officers, Scientific Council delegates to panel meetings and other sources.

The Committee is assisted in its work by an Operational Standing Committee representing the ERC Scientific Management Department. 


The Committee on Panels consists of the Scientific Council Chair, and six further members, representing equally the three scientific ERC domains. The committee is chaired by the Scientific Council Chairperson who may delegate this task to a Vice-Chair.


ERC Executive Agency secretariat: Elena Toma, Unit Support to the Scientific Council