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  • Geosciences
    When Geosciences tells us more about planet Earth
    Many ERC projects in the Geosciences address key societal challenges. The projects presented in this brochure are investigating the role of organic aerosols in climate change and air pollution, the long-term management of forests in the preservation of the ecosystem, microscopic processes that govern the flow of magma in volcanic eruptions, the development of a new 3 dimensional model of the Earth’s mantle or the monitoring of the atmosphere through GPS for predicting tsunamis.
  • Gender
    Supporting Top Women in Frontier Research
    Supporting Top Women in Frontier Research
  • archeology
    Anthropology and Archaeology
    Many ERC-funded projects in this field address fundamental issues, such as the roots of food globalisation in prehistory, mobility of people and ideas during the Bronze Age, urban diversification in global cities across the years, the prediction of people’s response to water disasters, or the historical dimensions of herding practices in Europe.
  • Neurosciences
    Society for Neuroscience
    Many of these projects address public health challenges and emerging areas in neurosciences for example: projects that deal with memory, information coding and processing in the brain, genesis and repair of the nervous system, neuronal circuits in drug addiction, cell and gene therapy for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases or computation models for man-machine interaction.
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  • Ageing
    European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations
    Some ERC projects in this field
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  • annual report 2011
    Annual report on the ERC activities and achievements in 2011
    Annual report on the ERC activities and achievements in 2011