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  • Fake News And Real People – Using Big Data To Understand Human Behaviour

    Why people share disinformation

    Fake news spreads faster, further and deeper than real news. Why are some people more likely to share disinformation than others? ERC grantee Joana Gonçalves de Sá is using data science and behavioural psychology to disentangle personal traits and...
  • How viruses invade cells

    How viruses invade cells

    Although thousand times smaller than the width of a hair, viruses can cause global health emergencies as the COVID-19 pandemic has painfully demonstrated. Protection from virus infection is mostly sought in vaccines and health measures. But what if a...
  • NetZero

    Climate technology pathways to net-zero emissions

    Solar geoengineering and negative emissions technologies hold great promise for addressing climate change. Three top climate scientists have embarked upon the largest-ever, multidisciplinary review of more than twenty emerging technologies. Their ERC...
  • Low-carbon transition at least cost to society

    Low-carbon transition at least cost to society

    How ERC grantee Natalia Fabra and her team in Spain shuttles between the lab and policy makers’ cabinets to make future EU electricity market work both for the people and for the climate. It was an April day in 2021 when Natalia Fabra, Professor of...
  • Cover image of Hashtags activism and real-world change

    Hashtags activism and real-world change

    Far from being disengaged from politics, young people have found a political outlet in social media. Such activism is happening both online and offline as political messages are becoming increasingly visual, says ERC grantee Eeva Luhtakallio. She is...
  • Cover image of Are climate goals going up in smoke?

    Are climate goals going up in smoke?

    Amid soaring energy prices, people across the northern hemisphere are scrambling to find ways to keep warm as the chilly autumn evenings draw-in. Wood-burning appliances and pellet stoves may seem like a good way of keeping energy bills down, but...
  • Cover image of The health impact of food additives

    The health impact of food additives

    Whilst enhancing taste and appearance, some additives in our food may be having a negative impact on our bodies. ERC grantee Mathilde Touvier is disentangling mixtures of chemicals in ultra-processed food to understand how they may increase risk for...
  • Cover image of Putting an end to bullying

    Putting an end to bullying

    Bullying can have a damaging effect on children’s health and wellbeing. Attempts to prevent such aggressive behaviour in schools have not always been successful. ERC grantee Christina Salmivalli is unravelling the factors at play in persistent...
  • Cover image of Roma history beyond marginalization

    Roma history beyond marginalization

    As Europe’s largest minority group, the Roma have lived through the continent’s history but often receive a marginal position in historical accounts. ERC grantee Elena Marushiakova is set to change this. Through detailed archival research in Central...
  • Cover image of Bio-based architecture for sustainable living

    Bio-based architecture for sustainable living

    Construction contributes significantly to global emissions while it requires a large share of already diminishing resources like metals and fossil fuels. In search of more sustainable building models, ERC grantee Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen is exploring...